Property Management Services

Why should I have a property manager?

As property managers we save investors time, help you deal with tedious maintenance issues, screen for tenants, hold showings and we up to date on state rules as well as local regulations. We interact directly, on your behalf, with tenants and also market and advertise your rentals. We provide a hassle-free experience for landlords living in India and outside of India.

How will the maintenance of the property be determined?

Global Adjustments will survey the property for its condition and if there is need for repairs; provide cost estimation for fixing it. After the assessment is carried out and post your approval of charges, we will leverage the best-in-class vendors within our network to fix issues.

Who pays for replacements during the lease tenure?

If the repair is within normal wear and tear, the owner will pay its maintenance. But, if it is negligence on the tenant’s part, the tenant will pay for it.

Who will be responsible for regular maintenance of equipment at the property?

Tenants who occupy the property will pay for regular maintenance of equipment at the property. However, the AMC cost is usually borne by the landlord.

What is the minimum contract period for the property management plan?

The standard contract period will be 11 months and extended further on mutual consent. In cases of longer lease terms/long term requirements, the contract period can be extended.

I do not live in India, how will I get updates about my property?

We will provide you with regular updates on finances, rental rates, marketing and maintenance of the property. You should expect to receive this information on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Why should I continue property management services even after my property is rented out?

We want to make your life easy and save your time. We intend to be your extended arm and be the single point of contact for your tenant. Incase of any issues regarding the property, we will help sort the issue depending on its priority and urgency. Being a neutral facilitator, we will help the landlord and tenant agree on the scope of responsibility for every issue that arises after investigation.

How does my tenant get in touch with Global Adjustments when he has a problem?

Each property registered with us will be coordinated by an account manager. The account manager will be in touch with the tenant and the landlord on a regular basis.

What is the cap amount for minor expenses till which the tenant will bear?

The current market practice for the cap on expenses borne by the tenant will be Rs.2000/-. However, we will be able to put a cap and scope of damage on every inventory during the move in process.

Tenancy Management Services

Why should I hire a tenancy manager?

We are neutral facilitators in bridging all communications between the landlord and the tenant. We are experienced in neutral conflict resolution. We are service experts and have an established best-in-class network for local services. We help tenants hire trusted professionals for all their service needs.

What is the timeline to resolve the problem raised by me?

Issues that require immediate consideration will be attended to within 6 – 8 hours. On the other hand issues that require professional support will be attended to within 24 – 36 hours subject to availability of the technician.

Who should I get in touch with if I have a problem in my apartment?

We will be your single point of contact for all the maintenance needs of your apartment.

How do I keep track of my utility bills and its status?

Rest assured! We will be paying your monthly bills on time and update the tracker on which you will be able to track the status and the timelines.

Will Global Adjustments help me with renewing my lease?

Yes of course! Our services will include in giving you a reminder well before the end date of the lease. We will be able to assist you in finding you a new home or renewal of the lease according to your requirement.

Realty Services

While placing a tenant, how much do you charge the owner?

If you decide to avail our services, Global Adjustments will charge only the first month rent as service fee. Also, our service fee will be collected only once the property is rented out. No additional amount is added to it. Nonetheless, if there is any maintenance work that needs to be carried out, Global Adjustment will pass on the charges to the owner or tenant, depending on the nature of the work. Our focus is to provide quality service at best possible rate.

How is the rental price of the property determined?

When we market the property, we will start with high end of our estimated rental range and adjust it depending on the interest generated. Global Adjustments will work with the owner through the process to ensure the best possible price that can be obtained for the property.

What are the tools that you may use to market the property?

Global adjustments will choose popular listing sites, on globaladjustments.com, Culturama Ads and through our local partners to get maximum reach.

Will Global Adjustments be open to rent negotiations?

Yes! We can definitely negotiate the rent on the owner’s behalf. Our main goal is to ensure that the property doesn’t stay vacant for a long time and to get a tenant at the earliest with best possible rent.

Does the owner have a say while choosing the tenant?

Yes. Once all the potential tenants are presented, the owner can choose accordingly. Global Adjustments will verify and examine their income, employment status, ID proofs etc.However, the owners will have complete control over the process.

How does Global Adjustments determine the security deposit for the property?

We will work in partnership with you to determine appropriate security deposit. Once the rental process is in place, we ask the tenant to transfer the security deposit to the owner’s account directly. We advise that the owner to keep one month of deposit with Global Adjustments to cover any maintenance expenses.

Who will take care of the rental agreement and how long is a typical rental contract?

Global adjustments will facilitate the process of rental agreement between the owner and the tenant. Our rental contact usually runs for 11 months from the date of move-in. We will execute necessary arrangements on behalf of the owner.

Can the owner examine the property while it is rented out?

With a reasonable notice period given beforehand to the tenant, the owner can certainly inspect the property.

Will there be any issues if I decide to approach another agent to sell the home?

No. We do not require exclusive rights. But in case you decides to work with multiple agents and we bring in a definite buyer, we will need the process to be carried out only through us.

Will there be a guarantee for the sale/rent?

While Global Adjustments promises on best marketing efforts, it will be difficult to give a definite guarantee.

What is the benefit of going through Global Adjustments, rather than working directly with a builder or owner?

It is a well-established fact that buying a home is a huge investment. And finding the right home needs considerable market knowledge. We approach builders and owners according to the buyer’s requirements and agree on a rate that all parties will be content with.

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